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Looking For The Perfect Pillow

Your pillow will probably be your best friend or your worst enemy. After all you may spend one-third you will ever have with your pillow and it understands much better than anybody how you sleep best and how you rest worst. Doesn't it make sense to make the right choice to provide yourself the most comfort and the best rest throughout that significant portion of your life.

best pillow to buy for neck painIn order to get the most away of your cushion you really should give it more than a moving thought. But if you've ever gone to the pillow department and seen all the choices, you likely have suffered from "cushion shock" at the amazing array and the stunning expense.

First things first, are you looking for a "sleeping pillow" or a "looking good pillow?" Around my home, there are cushions we rest with and pillows we placed on the bed to look good. This article concentrates mainly on "sleeping pillows." However, we'll say this about cushions that are meant to look good: Pick a good cushion that will retain its form and choose the space and form that looks best to you. Whether it's not designed to be utilized, those are really the only things that matter.

Now, sleeping pillows employ a specific purpose: To help you sleep your best. There are many options to consider:

SIZE - There are basically three sizes available. Standard, King, and Queen. A Ruler or Queen cushion may be too long for sleeping unless you're searching for a body length pillow. Occasionally you may find full-body length pillows available.

FIRMNESS - Pay attention to the firmness of a pillow if you are purchasing it. The required firmness of the pillow will change depending on the position you rest in. Your pillow should give you proper head and backbone support. The form and support that your cushion provides changes if you are a back again sleeper or a side sleeper. If you are a back sleeper you'll need a fairly level or soft pillow. If you are a part sleeper, you might need a pillow that has even more substantial support that can support your head. Here are some quick and dirty guidelines:

Stomach Sleeper - go for 'soft'

Back again Sleeper - go for 'medium'

Aspect Sleeper - go for 'firm'

Of course if you are like me, you may flop around in a few or all of those positions making your firmness choice a little more difficult.

FILLINGS - Cushion fillings are important to your pillow choice and also have a great deal of impact on cushion comfort, strength, and even air quality. You have quite a few options available for you and each has it's own advantages and disadvantages. Cotton is normally hypoallergenic, but can compact over time. Down or down-blend is considered the height of comfort, durability, and adjustability. Despite the fact that some progress has been made in hypoallergenic down pillows, those with allergy sensitivities may still have problems with down pillows. Feather cushions use different mixes of down and feathers in many different mixtures. The same warning for allergy sensitive users should apply here. Polyester will come in a couple of different marks, regular polyester is very common but may become compacted, like cotton. Siliconized polyester feels just like down and will not become compacted like regular polyester. Latex foam rubber gives good support and maintains its shape but will break down over time.

COVERING - The ticking (material covering) for your pillow serves several purposes. It will keep the filling in and keep the dust out of your cushion. For a down pillow, choose a 250 thread count on the ticking. For other fillings, 200 thread count number should be sufficient.

Don't cheat yourself whenever choosing a pillow. It could really be more important than you can ever imagine. Once you've slept through the night with the right cushion, you may never want to go back.

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